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A short film by Annabel Vine

Granbad has got off to an incredible start on its festival run, with acceptances at BAFTA and Academy Qualifying film festivals.  In March it will  screen at the prestigious BUFF Malmö International Children’s Film Festival in Sweden.  After that we see it heading to five different countries and we are genuinely excited to see what the future holds for this short film.

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A dyslexic boy inadvertently shows a bully that it isn’t ‘soppy’ to love your Grandad and like spending time with him.


Dyslexic boy Sol is struggling with his confidence, he still can’t tie his own shoelaces.  He is learning woodwork with his Grandad.  His initial self-doubt subsides as he works the wood with the sharp knife.  His newfound skills begin to rekindle his sense of self-worth.  On his way home from Grandad’s shed, he encounters a teenage bully, Eliot, who makes him question his precious relationship with his Grandfather.  Sol has to find a way to overcome the doubts that have been sown in his mind and face the fear of the tunnel where the bully hangs out.  Eliot meanwhile becomes increasingly aware of his own loneliness and must find a way out of his uncomfortable isolation.

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Granbad is set in Okehampton in Devon and it was very important to us to use local acting talent.  Aspiring actors just don’t get the same amount of opportunities down here.  All of our actors are based in the West Country.  The three young actors are from Devon and Cornwall and the seasoned talent that is David Sterne is from Wiltshire.

David Sterne – Grandad

The cast was headed up by David Sterne (The Last Witness, Atlantis, Arthur & Merlin) playing the title role in GRANBAD.   I met David on a film in 2016.  We hit it off and talked about a future collaboration.  I do like it when a plan comes together.  He brought to life the unsentimental Grandad I was looking for. David is a seasoned professional who has probably seen and played it all.

Theo Pawlawicz – Sol

Theo plays Sol, the young dyslexic boy who is bullied.  This is Theo’s first screen performance and he absolutely rocked it.  If he wasn’t confused on how to spell Grandad before the film he probably is now.  He really brought a precious vulnerability to the part and took direction well.  He consistently understood the emotions I was asking him to convey.

Angus Allison – Elliot

Angus first appeared in the award winning short film ‘Spider Island’ at the tender age of seven, driving a monster truck and battling the forces of evil. He is part of a Dartmoor theatre group called the MED which meets weekly.  This film marks his first leading screen performance.  Angus delivers the role with a dark playfulness and he has received some great feedback from industry insiders who have had a peek at the rough cut.

Ruby Zoro – Molly

Ruby has stared in a short film ‘The Cloud Catcher’ and has also been a regular extra in Poldark which is shot close to where she lives.

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A big shout out to my amazing crew Megan Skender, Vlassis Skoulis, Nick Gorman, John Crooks, Richard Parsons, Sophia Clist,  Rowena Zoro, Natasha Branson, Lucy V Hay, Pablo Valverde, Ben Hooper, Tim Ford, Maya Belle, Bayley Drew, Mary Farbrother, Nick Allison, Carmen Radtke, Louise Garrett, Sharif Adams, and Fern Albert.

In this industry like in many others, you are only as good as your team.  The crew involved in the shoot were quite simply incredible, just saying their names feels good.

Annabel Vine – Writer/director

Annabel, that’s me.  I made my first film at seventeen and run my own successful production company Wax Films, but it wasn’t until 2014 when my low budget short film LETTERBOX won 9 awards and went to 14 festivals including BAFTA qualifiers that I began to take myself seriously as a writer/director of fiction.

Since then I have shot two more short films and I have been commissioned by a production company to write a feature screenplay based on a draft I did in 2016 called SKYWARD, which is now in avtive development.

I began my career as an editor based at Ealing Studios and then went to work for James Lebon’s production company Love Films, who were making music videos for household names and emerging West London hip-hop artists.  I migrated to Billy Connolly’s production company Tickety-Boo, directing and editing his live show recordings including ‘Two Night Stand’.

I’m co-writing a sit-com THE ANARCHISTS’ COOKBOOK with Jane Lamacraft.

Mary Farbrother – Director of Photography

Mary Farbrother has won Best Cinematography for her feature film ‘Darkest Light’ at Taormina Film Festival and also Best Cinematography at Aspen Film Festival for her work on the short film ‘Shadow Man’. She is a 35mm aficionado and very much a traditional cinematographer with a wonderful reputation for her work with light.  She has shot 5 feature films, numerous shorts, music videos and countless commercials. She is a graduate of NFTS and an all-round wonderful person to work with.

Rowena Zoro – Production Designer

Rowena Zoro, a fellow dyslexic, also lives in the west country.  She is known for her work on feature films ‘1921’ and ‘Yaar Bandooka’.  She is an emerging production designer who cut her teeth set dressing on UK Bollywood film sets and Poldark.   Originally from a theatre background, she is currently doing Terry Ackland’s prestigious Certificate in Draughting, Art Directing for Film and TV course at Pinewood Studios.  She transformed Grandad’s shed into a masterpiece and also extensively researched and oversaw the very tricky graffiti scene.

Natasha Branson – Producer / Script Supervisor

Natasha came onboard as the Script Supervisor for the film.  She is also a producer in her own right and has her own independent production company Mordue Pictures,  After the shoot,  she saw the potential in the film and wanted to help see it through post-production. She has several short films under her belt including award-winning documentary ‘SMILE’ and is currently working on a feature-length documentary that’s in post-production and a slate of narrative features that are in development.


Maria Chamberlain  – Colourist

Maria is a colourist working as Goldcrest Films.  She is credited as intermediate colourist on some massive titles like Victoria & Abdul, Kingsman, and Taboo.  She is now the digital coulouris on feature films in her own right and on a career trajectory to be one of the premier female graders in the industry.

You can see the epic work of Maria here:

Michael Harrison – VFX

Michael Harrison, an old friend of mine, is doing some minor visual effects at really generous mates rates.  He has worked on mega titles like ‘The Revenant’ and ‘The Jungle Book’.  Love you Hazza.   Read through Michael’s impressive titles in IMDB:

Rob Szeliga – Sound Design

Rob is a soundscape specialist with over fifty credits to his name and I am really chuffed to be working with him on this.  The sound is such a big part of a film’s atmosphere, it enhances the narrative in a way that works subconsciously, nudging our emotions to deepen the experience. Here he is on IMDB:



Kate Stables founder of critically acclaimed band THIS IS THE KIT has composed an original score for the film which is just incredible.  She is such a talent and the perfect folky fit for the film’s atmosphere.  You will often hear her on Radio 6 Music and THIS IS THE KIT have just completed a sell-out tour.


Special Thanks

This film would not have been possible without the support of certain people and the companies they work for.

Thank you Vicky Scott at Arri Rental.

Thank you Pat McEnallay at Green Kit Lighting.

Thank you Rob Farris at Goldcrest.

Little fuss is made of these backbone companies of this industry who support talent development with freebies, cheap hire rates and flexible terms.

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