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Skip Girl

One man’s junk is another woman’s treasure.

A short film by Annabel Vine

Wax Films teamed up with Mara Adina from Vernon Films to shoot this short film in London, starring Richard Glover (Rogue one, A Field in England, Into the Woods) Charlotte Beaumont (Jupiter Ascending, Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll), and Melanie Gray (Justice League, Cheerful Weather For The Wedding).  Award-winning Mary Farborther (Dreams of a Life, Darkest Light) did the cinematography.  We were proud to be a very female crew, even our gaffer and colourist were women. You can see our full cast and crew on the IMDB listing. 

Skip Girl tells the story of BEN, 40’s, a failed musician, who is utterly disempowered in his relationship. He struggles when his obsessive wife, TOR, insists on a revamp of their cluttered home. She relegates much of his comforting ‘junk’ to a skip.  Non-conformer, SKIP GIRL takes a shine to his things and helps herself. Ben, uneasy with a stranger having his stuff, begins to stalk Skip Girl. What value has she found in the things his wife has rejected? Ben and Skip Girl strike up a curious friendship. Her appreciation of his disposed legacy and a knack for fixing things rekindles Ben’s sense of self-worth. This prompts him to make the necessary changes needed to move forward, or backward, to a happier place.